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Soccer Referee Whistles Product Review

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 8th Feb 2016

Perhaps no other item found in a referee's gear bag is as important, or identified with the refereeing profession and craft, as a soccer referee whistle. Using the best and high quality referee whistles ensures that the referee’s decision is always heard loud and clear. It’s what allows him or … read more

Recommended Soccer Referee Gear, Uniforms and Equipment

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 31st Jan 2016

So you decided to become a soccer referee.  You even took a referee exam and, more importantly, passed it (by the way, for those of you who are currently contemplating becoming a soccer referee, please check out this referee website and referee forum for more information: www.soccerref … read more

Soccer Referee Cards and Wallets - Product Review

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 28th Jan 2016

A less then well-informed person would probably think that if it came to choosing soccer referee cards or referee wallets, your decision would be fairly simple and straightforward because of seemingly limited choices in this product area.  However, nothing could be farther from … read more

Vokkero Soccer Referee Radio Communication Systems - Product Review

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 23rd Jan 2016

Without any doubt,  Vokkero Squadra Referee Communication System is currently in the league of its own. VOKKERO® Squadra is the latest addition to the line of VOKKERO® hands-free communication systems. Having been utilized for several years in major competitions like the World Cup … read more

Electronic Beeper Soccer Referee Flags - Product Review

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 21st Jan 2016

Subject of our blog today are soccer referee or assistant referee flags.  It is safe to say that advancements in science and technology tremendously changed our lives. The beautiful game of soccer, and soccer referees, were not immune to these great technological changes and, in fact, ben … read more

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