Sport officiating is not just a job. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

That’s why Referee Store is owned and operated by two brothers: Rafal, a former United States Soccer Federation (USSF) National Referee and Assessor from Eastern New York along with his brother Arthur, a former referee with decades of experience who later became an accomplished sportswriter and blogger with a lifetime obsession with officiating craft.


Referee Store proudly carries the largest collection of uniforms and accessories for soccer and basketball referees, football officials and baseball umpires.


How can we confidently say we have the best selection of products for referees and officials? It’s because Referee Store constantly seeks out the newest and best referee gear and regularly updates its poduct offering in order to provide you with the widest possible range of referee gear, including whistles, flags, cards, and headsets.


Referee Store has the most comprehensive selection because many popular items were either designed or invented by the brothers. Their list of innovations for referees and officials includes products that are only available through the Referee Store.

Using their background, and in particular Rafal’s background as a National USSF Referee and Assessor, the brothers design their own jerseys and uniforms to perfectly satisfy the standards of professional associations like the United States Soccer Federation.

When not fulfilling their customers’ orders online, Rafal and Arthur can be found at their storefront in Ronkonkoma, New York where they advise local referees, coaches and players on game-related matters.

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