Soccer Referee Casio Watches

We carry a selection of Casio soccer referee watches at the Referee Store. These watches are perfect for keeping track of time on the field, with features like countdown timers, auto-repeat functions, and 1/100 second stopwatches. They're also water-resistant and feature electro-luminescent backlights, making them easy to read in any weather conditions. Best of all, we even have watches with up to 10-year battery life, so you can be sure they'll last through seasons of use. Whether you're a new referee or an experienced official, we have the right Casio soccer watch for you. Shop today and be prepared for your next match.

  • Casio Referee Watch
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    Casio Referee Watch

    Countdown timer/auto repeat function 1/100 second stopwatch 10 year battery life 5 alarms Electro-luminescent backlight Water resistant Auto light switch
  • Casio Ultra-Light Referee Watch
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    Casio Ultra-Light Referee Watch

    Countdown Timer/Auto Repeat function 1/100 second stopwatch Electro-luminescent backlight Quartz movement Alarm Water resistant Auto light switch Super Light-Weight (1 oz.)