Baseball Umpire Ball Bags

Your umpire ball bag is an essential piece of equipment that should never be overlooked. As an umpire, it’s up to you to keep the game’s pace moving, and that means having access to balls at a moment’s notice. We carry top-quality baseball ball bags from brands you know and trust, including Smitty. These bags include important, high-performance features, such as durable materials, tapered openings, expandable pockets and sides, and extra interior space to hold your accessories.

  • heather grey umpire ball bag
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    United Attire Premium Umpire Ball Bag (4 Colors)

    High-Performance Features Not all ball bags are equal! United Attire is a respected brand that makes premium products, and this bag is no exception. Woven 100% polyester fabric, double-needle stitching, and tunnel belt loops deliver outstanding...
  • Smitty Baseball & Softball Umpire Ball Bag - Heather Gray, Charcoal Gray, Navy, Black.
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    Smitty Baseball & Softball Umpire Ball Bag

    100% High Quality Woven Polyester Fabric Tunnel Belt Loop Openings Dimensions - 12" Wide x 12" High Double Needle Stitching Model BBS-373 Available in the Following Colors: Navy Charcoal Grey Heather Grey Black Pink
  • Baseball Umpire Kit (3 Pieces)
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    Baseball Umpire Kit (3 Pc)

    Umpire's ball bag easily attaches to umpire's belt for added convenience without interfering with range of motion Small wooden umpire brush keeps the plate clean for accurate calls 4 Dial umpire indicator tracks strikes, balls, outs, and...