Soccer Referee Finger-Grip Whistles

Many sports officials choose to use a referee finger whistle because they feel great in the hand and can be deployed rapidly. We’re proud to offer a variety of industry-standard whistles, including the Fox 40 finger-grip whistle, Molten Valkeen, Acme Thunderer, and many others. Many of these whistles can be heard at major sporting events, including FIFA World Cups. Use the same whistles the pros depend on game after game.

  • Kakapo Whistle with Flip Grip & Lanyard
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    Kakapo Whistle with Flip Grip & Lanyard

    Dual Sound Wave Frequency of 3.74 kHZ x 4.10 kHz The loudest whistle of its kind with astonishing 130+ dB Long-lasting durable material Clear-cut high pitched tone that carries long distance Kakapo whistle can never be...
  • Valkeen
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    Valkeen Whistle The classic Valkeen whistle is used by professional referees worldwide, including at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Known for its distinct, loud and clear tone and exceptional quality, you simply can’t go wrong with this...
  • Fox 40 Classic Fingergrip Whistle
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    Fox 40 Classic Fingergrip Whistle

    About this Whistle You can’t go wrong with the classics, but you can make them even better by improving them with additional comfort and convenience features. Featuring the dB level you need to control the field combined with the comfortable grip...
  • Fox 40 Classic Fingergrip CMG
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    Fox 40 Classic Fingergrip CMG

    Fox 40 Classic Pealess Whistle with added Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG) and adjustable fingergrip Ergonomic, ultrasonically welded extension grips to fingers' users Fits securely and snug over group of fingers Better Grip Better Control Better...
  • Sonik Blast CMG Fingergrip Whistle
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    Sonik Blast CMG Fingergrip Whistle

    Advanced science and technology makes this the most efficient, loudest whistle ever produced by Fox 40 Extremely easy to blow, the Sonik Blast cannot be overblown and emits sound power that exceed 120 dB The clear loud blast carries over the loudest...
  • Fox 40 Pearl Fingergrip Whistle
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    Fox 40 Pearl Fingergrip Whistle

    Different tone is ideal for multi-field games Fingergrip Inspired by the world-famous Fox 40 Classic, the Fox 40 Pearl Pealess Whistle is a patented 2-chamber pealess whistle with a lower tone 90 decibel pitch Ideal for those who don't need a loud...
  • Fox 40 Mini Fingergrip CMG Whistle
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    Fox 40 Mini Fingergrip CMG Whistle

    Rise Above the Noise with the Fox 40 Whistle About the Fox 40 Soccer, football or basketball games can be a contentious and loud, but you won’t have to worry about not being heard with a whistle like this one. Featuring a comfortable, adjustable...
  • Acme Thunderer Fingergrip Whistle
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    Acme Thunderer Fingergrip Whistle

    Traditional and popular whistle with a plastic finger-grip Unbeatable in strong winds, easily heard fluctuating frequencies that work at very low breath pressures It has a solid sound that many referees prefer
  • Fox 40 Caul Fingergrip - pink or black
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    Fox 40 Caul Fingergrip (2 Colors)

    Dual-chamber pealess technology Highly-durable yet flexible rubber form-fitting fingergrip Strong polycarbonate body with integrated over-mold CMG technology Extremely easy to blow Crisp and loud sound Sound Power: 110 dB