Football Down Indicator

A football down indicator is a simple, straightforward piece of equipment, but that doesn’t mean quality doesn’t matter — there’s a reason rubber bands are not used anymore! In fact, the football referee down indicator is arguably one of the most critical items in your kit. After all, if you lose track of what down it is or where to place the ball, you’re going to have serious problems. Depend on our indicators to get the job done right so you can make every call with confidence.

  • Football Referee Sweatband Down Indicator
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    Sweatband Down Indicator - Black or Pink

    United Attire Football Referee Sweatband Down Indicators combine function with comfort. They are made of soft, moisture-absorbing, and elastic fabrics, fitting perfectly around your wrist. These down indicators are easy to use even while you are running...
  • Football Referee Elastic Down Indicator
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    Elastic Down Indicator - Black, White or PINK

    United Attire Football Referee Elastic Down Indicators are made of durable fabrics and come with a Velcro closure strap, allowing you to adjust the width of the band around your wrist for better comfort. These down indicators are easy to use even while...