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Referee Shirts and Gear

At, we know that being a referee is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we make it easy for you to find the right referee shirts, pants, and accessories for your game.

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Looking to stand out?

We carry referee-designed products you cannot find anywhere else. From professionally-designed referee shirts to communication headsets, we stock everything you need before, during, or after the game.

We carry gear for football, soccer, baseball, and basketball referees designed to meet all required standards.

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Create a Custom Ref Starter Package

Whether you officiate Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball we have the perfect, top-of-the-line referee kit for you. Depending on the sport, you can design your package using various referee shirts, shorts, pants, hats and accessories ranging from flags to whistles.

Our apparel comes in multiple sizes for both male and female sports officials.

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Upgrade Your Gear

If you are new to the game or a weathered veteran, you (and the teams you referee) deserve the highest-quality game-reporting, signaling, and protective equipment available.

Get ahead of the game with electronic flags, waterproof score books, and watches with pre-set time periods and “stoppage/injury timer” functions.

Basketball and soccer referees will love our hand-selected compression wear.

Our baseball protective gear combine comfort with safety for those long days on the field or in the rink.

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Uniforms Designed for Professionals

Referee Store works with manufacturers to ensure that their Soccer Referee uniforms perfectly fit the dress code standards set by the United State Soccer Federation. We also carry NCAA and IAABO Referee shirts as well as College Football referee shirts.

Order anything from packages of USSF-style soccer referee shirts to state-specific Football referee sets and enjoy $8 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders!