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Soccer Referee Uniforms, Jerseys and Sets - Product Review

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 20th Jan 2016

At the Referee Store, you will find a large selection of soccer referee uniforms and packages, including USSF style-approved and adidas referee uniforms, that will fit any budget.  As more fully discussed below, our selection of soccer referee uniforms includes economy and pro l … read more

Spintso Soccer Referee Watches - Product Review

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 20th Jan 2016

In this blog we wanted to discuss the many different soccer  Referee Watches that our referee store offers for sale. As you can see, our referee store offers watches manufactured by  Spintso, Champion, Fox 40, Polar, Ultrak and Casio. Some of these … read more

Binding Procedure for Ref-Comm Referee Communication System.

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 14th Sep 2015

Ref-Comm’s no-base-station no-master architecture makes group, de-group, and re-group very easy. In other words, we can easily increase or decrease group size by following binding procedure. Note: Binding needs to be done under minimum radio interference environment, which means no cellph … read more

Ref-Comm Referee Communication System Frequently Asked Questions.

Posted by Artur M. Wlazlo on 13th Sep 2015

Why is Ref-Comm better than the half-duplex "walkie-talkie"? Ref-Comm is superior in a number of ways: 1. Full Duplex - natural phone-like conversation 2. Hands-free - no push-to-talk button 3. Conference mode - not restricted to one talker at a time 4. Private and secure - no eave … read more

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