Soccer Referee Whistles Product Review

Posted by Referee Store on 8th Feb 2016

Fox 40 Soccer Referee Whistle

Perhaps no other item found in a referee's gear bag is as important, or identified with the refereeing profession and craft, as a soccer referee whistle. Using the best and high quality referee whistles ensures that the referee’s decision is always heard loud and clear. It’s what allows him or her to control the game. It is therefore important that your choice of a referee whistle is thoughtful and fits your preferences for sound and grip. There are many options that you will need to consider, such as the pealess whistle vs pea whistle. In fact, it is possible that after you buy your first whistle, you will learn that either the grip or sound are not to your liking. That is something that should not come to you as a surprise and, quite frankly, is totally understandable. So don't be afraid to experiment here. When seeking the best referee whistles, it is important that you find yourself a whistle that you feel comfortable about and which gives you confidence that you will be able to get your job done well.

There are different ways one could classify whistles such as by:

1. Grip Design

Valkeen Referee Whistle

a. Finger Grip Whistles (e.g. Fox 40 Finger Grip Whistle)

b. Flip Grip Whistles (e.g. Valkeen Whistle)

c. Traditional Grip Design Whistles (Acme Whistle)

2. Sound Production

a. Pealess Whistles (e.g., Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle)

b. Pea Whistles (e.g., Ballila Referee Whistle)

3. Mouth Protection Design

a. Cushion Mouth Grip Whistles (e.g., Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle)

Many of the best referee whistles available in our Referee Store combine or even include all of these features in a single design.

Fox 40 Soccer Referee Whistle

Some of the most popular whistles in our store are finger grip whistles. The grip design for these types of whistles allows you to hold a whistle on your fingers. Similarly, flip grip whistles are designed to be worn on your fingers. Many referees find these whistles very comfortable because they are securely fastened to their fingers and stay out of the way. After all, in addition to the sound, comfort is one of the more important qualities to keep in mind when looking for the best referee whistles. Our selection of whistles in this category include the following:

  • Valkeen Soccer Referee Whistle
  • Fox 40 Caul Finger Grip Referee Whistle
  • Fox 40 Classic Finger Grip Referee Whistle with Cushion Mouth Grip (CMG)
  • Fox 40 40 Classic Finger Grip Referee Whistle
  • Fox 40 Mini Finger Grip Referee Whistle with Cushion Mouth Grip (CMG)
  • Fox 40 Sonik Blast Finger Grip Referee Whistle with Cushion Mouth Grip (CMG)
  • Acme Thunderer Finger Grip Referee Whistle

Acme Tornado Referee Whistle

Next, let’s talk about the pealess whistle vs pea whistle. Most of the modern referee whistles are now designed without a "pea." Of course, the best referee whistles may come down to preference, so it is up to you to choose which type you prefer. The traditional whistles used a "pea" to generate sound. The pea was and is usually made of cork. Today, many consider the use of "pea" to be the traditional whistles' biggest drawback because "pea" may deteriorate over time as it becomes moist either due to weather (rain, condensation, etc.) or, more likely, the user's saliva (for this reason, if you use a pea whistle, you should keep it in a relatively dry environment). In rare cases, the pea can also be temporarily lodged in the whistle's opening, muffling the whistle’s sound. So, keep in mind these potential drawbacks when considering whether pea whistles are the best referee whistles for you. Having said that, even though traditional whistles are generally less powerful than the modern pealess whistles, many referees prefer the classic and rich sound they generate. Our Referee Store offers several pea whistles for sale, including the following:

  • Acme Thunderer Finger Grip Referee Whistle
  • Balilla Tipo 2 Referee Whistle
  • Balilla MIcro Referee Whistle
  • Balilla Mini Referee Whistle
  • Acme Referee Whistle

Dolfin Referee Whistle

The decision whether to use pealess whistles or pea whistles comes down to your preference. Nowadays, the most popular whistles used in the refereeing profession are pealess whistles. The advantages of these whistles are that they don't have any rotating or moving parts that could jam, freeze, or malfunction, and they generally produce much stronger sounds. They are often considered to be the best referee whistles because, instead of moving parts such as pea, these whistles come with specially designed sound chambers that allow free flow of the air and create strong and unique sounds (for a demonstration of different whistle sounds prepared by  Soccer Referee USA, please click on this link).

One of the loudest whistles, and used by a lot of professional referees, including in the FIFA World Cup in Russia and Brazil, is a Japanese made Valkeen Referee Whistle. This whistle has truly unmistakable and attention grabbing sound. But there are many choices in this category. All of the Fox 40 Whistles are pealess and our Referee Store has a full complement of the best referee whistles, including different grip designs and even colors should you choose to match your whistle's color to your referee jersey. These whistles are designed to last and produce strong sound that could carry for a mile or so. One of the most popular Fox 40 whistles is the company's Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle with Cushion Mouth Grip. The cushion mouth grip simply improves on the Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle design by providing protection for your teeth and your whistle while you are holding it in your mouth/teeth.

Whistle Lanyard

In addition to offering the best referee whistles individually, our store also makes available for purchase referee whistle combo packs. For example, you can buy a  Fox 40 Whistle and Watch Kit (includes one whistle and one watch), Fox 40 Three-Whistle Referee Pack that includes three whistles packed in a stylish zipper-style carry case, Fox 40 Referee Whistle and Pouch (includes Fox 40 Classic Referee Whistle). And, of course, you also can choose from a variety of whistle lanyards, including wrist lanyards with swivel snap such as the one pictured on the right.

Whatever your preferences when it comes to pealess whistle vs pea whistle and other factors, our Referee Store has a selection of the best referee whistles that will meet your needs and demands. And do not forget, you can always reach out to us if you have any questions or need help.