Football Referee Watches & Timers

Watches and timers are essential for every football referee. Whether you're officiating a game on the field or coaching from the sidelines, you need a high-quality football referee watch that is lightweight, practical to use, and has intuitively designed features. At Referee Store, we bring you the widest selection of pro-level watches and timers that offer the durability and functionality you need.

  • Robic Officials Hands Free Game Timer
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    Robic Officials Hands Free Game Timer

    Packed With Pro Features The Robic team did a fantastic job, including robust features without complicating the unit. Here’s a look at some of the features you get with this game timer: Single-touch start/stop/reset timing Clear LED...
  • RefScorer Vibrating Watch 2.0
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    RefScorer Vibrating Watch 2.0

    Patent Pending and an absolute groundbreaking game changer in referee watches. The RefScorer Digital records the score of the match and the color of the team shirts!  Other notable features: – Steps, Distance and Calorie...
  • REF SMART Universal Game Day Timer
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    REF SMART Universal Game Day Timer (Updated for 2024)

    Pre-Programmed by default to 25/40 function (can be changed to others) NFHS Football 25/60 (Vibrate Only), NCAA & Texas Football 25/40 (Vibrate Only), Lacrosse 20/120 (with Audible Tone) and NCAA Baseball 20/90 (Vibrate Only) - all...
  • Robic PRO Referee Watch
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    Robic PRO Referee Watch

    Dual Independent Game Timers; fully programmable bottom timer Counts Down while the upper timer Counts Up in 1/100 second resolution Timers are also fully customizable for Football, Shot Clock in Lacrosse, Basketball & more. 50 Memory Stopwatch...
  • Casio Referee Watch
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    Casio Referee Watch

    Countdown timer/auto repeat function 1/100 second stopwatch 10 year battery life 5 alarms Electro-luminescent backlight Water resistant Auto light switch
  • Casio Ultra-Light Referee Watch
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    Casio Ultra-Light Referee Watch

    Countdown Timer/Auto Repeat function 1/100 second stopwatch Electro-luminescent backlight Quartz movement Alarm Water resistant Auto light switch Super Light-Weight (1 oz.)
  • Champion Referee Watch
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    Champion Referee Watch

    Rugged sports watchband 10 Memory Recall Bright EL night light display 24 Hour stopwatch Every workout is stored as a seperate recallable run 12/24 hr format with alarm Split release feature unlocks after 5 seconds to display current running lap...
  • Fox 40 Whistle & Watch Combo Kit
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    Fox 40 Whistle & Watch Combo Kit

    Kit Includes: Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG (120 dB) Digital Wrist Watch Fox 40 Sonik Blast® CMG® in white/black combo color Whistle is efficient and easy to blow Wrist watch has a water/shock resistant design with a large screen...