• Valkeen

    Valkeen Whistle The classic Valkeen whistle is used by professional referees worldwide, including at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Known for its distinct, loud and clear tone and exceptional quality, you simply can’t go wrong with this...
  • Dolfin Whistle (2 Colors)

    Sharp, quick and unbelievably loud Pea-less whistle Includes adjustable lanyard Great for referees or coaches
  • Dolfin Pro F Whistle

    Dolfin Pro F Whistle features rich, sharp, high-pitched tone Pea-less whistle The whistle produces 124dB sound Exact Same sound as Valkeen, with Dual Frequency of 4.15kHz & 3.67kHz
  • VORCA Titanium Whistle w/Flip Grip Pro

    Titanium reinforced frame Dual frequency of 4.10kHz & 3.74kHz, 4 octaves Superior durability Unique shape produces a powerful sound High-pitched, expressive tone, best for Large & Loud Stadiums Flip Grip Pro included
  • Dolfin PRO World Cup Whistle

    Unique Flip Grip mechanism (comes with Small, Medium and Large size for a pertfect fit) Rich, sharp, high-pitched tone Pea-less whistle 124dB Exact Same sound as Valkeen, with Dual Frequency of 4.15kHz & 3.67kHz
  • Dolfin Pro B Whistle

    This whistle has a thick and clear-cut, high-pitched tone The Dolfin Pro B Whistle spports a pea-less design Material : ABS resin, polycarbonate Exact Same sound as Blazza, with Dual Frequency of 4.10 kHz & 3.74kHz
  • Blazza

    Titanium mouthpiece frame with elastic plastic to provide a soft, resilient surface with superior durability Long-lasting durable material Produces thick, clear-cut high-pitched tone Preferred whistle of top FIFA referees