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  • Fox 40 Titan Whistle Gold Color
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    Fox 40 Titan Whistle

    FOX 40 TITAN WHISTLE This Fox 40 whistle is a recent addition to the Fox 40 Whistle family lineup. Unlike other Fox 40 whistles, the Fox 40 Titan Whistle comes in premium packaging, making it a perfect gift idea for a referee or coach. The unique design...
  • Fox 40 Classic Whistle with Breakaway Lanyard
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    Fox 40 Classic Whistle w/Breakaway Lanyard

    The Fox 40 Classic whistle set the standard for the choice of a whistle among referees and coaches at all levels. The whistle’s design features the following elements: No moving parts to freeze, jam, or deteriorate Flawless, consistent, and...
  • Acme Tornado Whistle
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    Acme Tornado Whistle

    ACME TORNADO REFEREE WHISTLE Recognized for quality, durability, reliability, and sound capable of getting through even the largest crowds, these Acme whistles are some of the most popular whistles among sports officials and should be an essential part...
  • Fox 40 Fuziun CMG Whistle - Colors -
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    Fox 40 Fuziun CMG Whistle

    Two Great Whistles That Sound Great Together - Optimal Sound Power   As the worldwide leader in whistle technology, Fox 40 set out to develop a new whistle for the ever-changing demands in stadium and safety arenas worldwide. We looked at our...
  • Kakapo Whistle with Flip Grip & Lanyard
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    Kakapo Whistle with Flip Grip & Lanyard

    Dual Sound Wave Frequency of 3.74 kHZ x 4.10 kHz The loudest whistle of its kind with astonishing 130+ dB Long-lasting durable material Clear-cut high pitched tone that carries long distance Kakapo whistle can never be...
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    VALKEEN WHISTLE The classic Valkeen whistle is used by professional referees worldwide, including at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Known for its distinct, loud and clear tone and exceptional quality, you simply can’t go wrong with this...
  • Fox 40 Classic Whistle
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    Fox 40 Classic Whistle

    FOX 40 CLASSIC WHISTLE Whistles are an essential part of referee equipment, and every referee kit should include this timeless classic. This Fox 40 whistle has been serving the needs of sports officials for decades. Its classic design, availability in...
  • Fox 40 Classic CMG Whistle - Colors
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    Fox 40 Classic CMG Whistle

    FOX 40 WHISTLE CLASSIC CMG Perhaps no other piece of equipment is more essential to a referee than a whistle. No game, whether played on football or soccer fields or basketball or volleyball courts, can be officiated without this all-important piece of...
  • Fox 40 Mini CMG Whistle
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    Fox 40 Mini CMG Whistle

    FOX 40 WHISTLE MINI CMG This Fox 40 Whistle Mini CMG is smaller than its larger cousin Fox 40 Classic Whistle CMG. But even though it is smaller in size, this Fox 40 whistle is second to none, has the same features, and is equally strong and dependable...
  • Fox 40 Whistle CMG + Wrist Lanyard
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    Fox 40 CMG Whistle + Wrist Lanyard

    FOX 40 WHISTLE CMG WITH WRIST LANYARD This Fox 40 whistle does not need any introduction. Used by thousands of referees and coaches over the past few decades, it is known for its quality, durability, and crisp sound. With the included adjustable...
  • Sonik Blast CMG Whistle
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    Sonik Blast CMG Whistle

    Advanced science and technology makes this the most efficient, loudest whistle ever produced by Fox 40 Extremely easy to blow, the Sonik Blast cannot be overblown and emits sound power that exceed 120 dB The clear loud blast carries over the loudest...
  • Dolfin Whistle - Black
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    Dolfin Whistle (2 Colors)

    Sharp, quick and unbelievably loud Pea-less whistle Includes adjustable lanyard Great for referees or coaches
  • Fox 40 Pearl Whistle - Black
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    Fox 40 Pearl Whistle (2 Colors)

    Different tone is ideal for multi-field games Inspired by the world-famous Fox 40 Classic, the Fox 40 Pearl Pealess Whistle is a patented 2-chamber pealess whistle with a lower tone 90 decibel pitch Ideal for those who don't need a loud piercing...
  • Dolfin PRO World Cup Whistle
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    Dolfin PRO World Cup Whistle

    Unique Flip Grip mechanism (comes with Small, Medium and Large size for a pertfect fit) Rich, sharp, high-pitched tone Pea-less whistle 124dB Exact Same sound as Valkeen, with Dual Frequency of 4.15kHz & 3.67kHz
  • Fox 40 CMG (Pink) + Lanyard
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    Fox 40 CMG (Pink) + Lanyard

    Fox 40's first pealess whistle + 19" Breakaway (Neck) Lanyard The harder you blow, the louder the sound Reliable, flawless consistent and penetrating sound Used by referees and coaches at all levels who need every call to be heard and depend on...