Dolfin PRO World Cup Whistle

124dB of penetrating tone. Exact Same sound as Valkeen, with Dual Frequency of 4.15kHz & 3.67kHz.
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  • Unique Flip Grip mechanism (comes with Small, Medium and Large size for a pertfect fit)
  • Rich, sharp, high-pitched tone
  • Pea-less whistle
  • 124dB
  • Exact Same sound as Valkeen, with Dual Frequency of 4.15kHz & 3.67kHz

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  • 5
    Whistle works great

    Posted by Larry on 11th Nov 2022

    I bought this for both myself and my daughter. This whistle is loud and did not require a ton of air flow to be hear.

  • 5
    Dolfin Pro World Cup Whistle

    Posted by Lily on 29th Oct 2022

    Amazing product! Thank you!!

  • 5
    Delfina Pro World Cup Whistle

    Posted by Lily on 29th Oct 2022

    This is the best whistle I have ever had. Now, everyone on the field can hear me. And maybe the field next to me! The quality is amazing! And the fact that there is 3 different types of whistle blows with this is amazing. Thank you!!

  • 4
    Great Whistle

    Posted by Jody Chmelir on 29th Oct 2022

    Great Whistle. I like having it as both a primary and backup for games at club fields. Finger grip to a bit to get used to but like it.

  • 5
    Excellent whistle

    Posted by Jose Penilla on 19th May 2021

    the whistle has a high pitch that can be heard anywhere on the field even with noise coming from the stands. the grip system is very good and comfortable (I had not used it) is of great help and prevents the whistle from leaving your hands. it really is highly recommended.

  • 5
    Great Whistle and Grip!

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2018

    The Flip-Grip fit perfectly, and the whistle is loud. Very comfortable in the hand, and secure enough that I don't have to worry about dropping it. Really commands the attention of anyone within earshot, which could be quite a distance considering the volume. This has become my go-to favorite.

  • 5
    Perfect Whistle and Holder

    Posted by Mark M on 20th Sep 2017

    I can't say how much I love this product.
    I have 2 whistles on the finger holder so that I can switch depending on what sound the other officials are using on other fields and when I am doing a dual system in high school I change my whistle so that it is different then the other official.
    The finger holder works perfect and is very comfortable. I cannot wear my wedding ring when using this but we are not supposed to anyway.
    I prefer having my whistle in my hand so that I can manage both watches easier as well as issuing cautions and send offs along with the notes I need to take for those.

  • 5
    Worth it for the fingergrips!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2016

    Yes, this is an excellent whistle. Although similar in design and dimension to the Valkeen, it does have a slightly different pitch. Holding it is also not quite the same: it is a little fatter in the back where you pinch it between your index finger and thumb, and so does not fall into hand quite as nicely. But, it is loud, crisp, and speaks with authority.

    But the real reason to get it is that it comes with a set of molten's superb elastomer fingergrips, for like $20 less than the valkeen. They allow you to release and regrip the whistle perfectly without fumbling or looking, can be used with gloves, and are pretty much drop proof.

    So buy the finger grips and you get a great whistle. You'll never want to hold your whistle without them again.

  • 4
    Review in Two Parts

    Posted by Will Grannan on 13th Feb 2016

    Easy to blow a loud and dissonant tone. It's fun to watch nearby players wince, and it has a distinctive sound. One doesn't feel like you have to blow very hard.

    The flip grip is kind of cool, but I have never quite worked it out for me. I have pretty big paws, and even the 22 size seems off. It doesn't quite fit between my index and middle fingers or between middle and ring so that the mouthpiece feels right. However, i gave my daughter the smallest size flip, she put it on another whistle, refereed and then came home and swiped the medium size, too. I would call that a strong endorsement.

    So, all and all... It's kind of expensive, and I'm not sure I really needed it. If you have average size hands, and you are looking for something to generate a louder sound, i bet you'll be pleased.

    Sales and delivery were great: good communication and prompt.

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