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This is the whistle of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Superior quality, long-lasting durable material, clear-cut high pitched tone that carries long distance, unique Flip Grip mechanism. Lanyard included.

    • Superior quality whistle
    • Long-lasting durable material

    • Clear-cut high pitched tone that carries long distance

    • Unique Flip Grip mechanism

    • This is the whistle of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil

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    1. Great whistle

      Posted by johnathan mccreery on 16th Oct 2017

      I recently purchased this whistle and I have to say that it is very well made. I love it. It gets everyone’s attention when used.

    2. Wow it's loud

      Posted by Scott Hager on 19th Aug 2017

      I officiate some indoor soccer games at a facility with 2 fields that are no more than 10 yards apart. I wanted a whistle with a easily distinguishable sound. This one fits the bill. The only thing that keeps it from being rated 5 stars is the price.

    3. Great sound, steep price

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Oct 2015

      Okay, yes, it is the best I ever had but....if you are not a gadget freak guy, like I am, you are probably not looking to spend that much money for a whistle. There other much affordable options, such as the dolphin PRO.
      Pro & Cons: 1) I like the options of the 3 grip handles it comes with it. Of course you will only use one, or not at all if you like to hold your whistle instead of having attached to your hand. If you like to use both hands while reffing, you prob will not use the grip, like I do, but I found a way to hold it partially and not compromise the use of both hands. 2) The sound is great, I have to admit. It is loud and it does not hurt much your ear as my Fox 40. I don't know about the Dolphin, but reviews say it is very close and almost not noticeable difference. 3) The whistle has a long body and different grip feel. If you are very used to handle one type, you may have to adjust. Some people do not do well adjusting. Just be aware about it. You don't want to spend that much money and not use the whistle. 4) Price, to be honest, I think it is way too much. It is like buying a luxury item, you have it because you can afford, as a status, and for self satisfaction (since you are not going to be showing it off).

      Would I recommend? Well, if you have the money and is a gadget guy, you probably going to buy no matter what, even just to try. If you don't have the money, don't buy it. F40 will work just fine for you. You can save up and buy it later if you feel like. If you have the money and would like to try, buy it. It is just 50 bucks right? :) I believe pro ref have if because they can afford and it is a job tool. I am not a pro, I can afford it, I am a gadget freak, so I bought it, and I love it.

    4. Be careful with overuse!

      Posted by Kees Robbertsen on 4th Oct 2015

      This whistle is THE best whistle I have ever come across and if you are a gear junkie like myself it is worth every dollar, it takes very little effort to blow loudly and echos across the pitch making it impossible not to hear. The sound of the whistle commands attention and respect and I have not had any issues with player confrontations using this whistle as opposed to using the Fox 40. HOWEVER after doing a tournament consisting of 10+ games I found that my ears were ringing quite badly afterwards. Other than that this whistle is a must have for any referees arsenal.


      Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2015

      The design and ease of use is best I've ever had. The flip grip makes it easy to run and whistle when I have to. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner. The whistle is loud and easy to blow. Will never use anything else. I know it's just a whistle and it is expensive....it's worth every penny. My only problem now is what to do with all old ones?

    6. Best whistle I've use as a referee.

      Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2015

      The valkeen it's one if not the best whistle I have used as a soccer referee. Clear, loud and distinct to any other whistle in the market.

    7. Excelente silbato

      Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2015

      Un gran silbato, anteriormente usaba el Acme Tornado pero quería probar un silbato de mayor nivel y calidad. Afortunadamente lo probé y me sentí muy cómodo, su sonido es el indicado y el manejo es versátil.


    8. a gem on the hockey pitch

      Posted by Andrew on 27th Dec 2014

      one word to sum up this whistle PERFECTION

    9. amazing sound

      Posted by Bryan on 4th Aug 2014

      This is the premier whistle on the market. A refreshing change from the oh so popular Fox 40 classic. This whistle has an extremely loud high tone that is just perfectly pitched. I just did a tournament and players had no issues distinguishing my whistle from whistles on other fields. A bit expensive but if you have the extra money this is a great addition to your ref kit!

    10. Best whistle out there!

      Posted by Mark Quinton on 14th May 2014

      Favorite whistle that I use. The handle grip is truly revolutionary. But my 8 year old sister can also with ease blow this whistle loud, Takes little effort to be heard on the field. If you have the $50 to spend, it is worth every penny.

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