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Spintso Referee Watch (Black/Orange)

Spintso Referee Watch can be preset to any number of periods and any length of time per period, making it the perfect watch for adult, youth and indoor games. Spintso’s unique Stoppage/Injury timer function makes it also the preferred choice of College and High School referees.


    • 2018 version with a Reset Button on the back!
    • 2 Year Extended Warranty, exlusively at Referee Store!
    • New, improved black buttons
    • Over 30 improvements, most notably stronger anti static electricity protection and updated software
    • Spintso Referee Watch can be preset to any number of periods and any length of time per period, making it the perfect watch for adult, youth and indoor games
    • Spintso’s unique Stoppage/Injury Timer function makes it also the preferred choice of College and High School referees
    • 4 Referee Timers shown simultaneously on 1 display (example below is for 2 x 45' match):
      • 1 Count-Up Timer (Never stops. At the start of second half the count up starts as 45:01...)
      • 1 Count-Down Timer (Resets back to 45:00 after it reaches 0:00)
      • 1 Half-Time Interval Timer (Small view - starts automatically after Count-Down reaches 0:00)
      • 1 Stoppage/Injury Timer (Small view - may be manually initiated during the game)
    • Single "Press & Hold" Button  for all in-game operations eliminates time-keeping accidents and simplifies referee's job:
      • 1st Press & Hold starts the match and the relevant timers.
      • 2nd Press & Hold (after conclusion of first half) starts the second half and the relevant timers.
      • Initiating Stoppage/Injury Timer during any of the periods will pause the Count-Down Timer and start Stoppage/Injury Timer separately on the same screen - perfect for temporary match suspensions due ti inclement weather or extended stoppages due to serious injuries, etc. Restarting the match will save/continuously display the amount of time lost.
    • Vibrating Alarms:
      • The watch will vibrate to remind the referee every start and stop occasion during the match and when each period ends.
      • The watch will also vibrate, every 10 seconds, when Stoppage/Injury Timer is activated.
    • Hint:
      • To preserve the watch's intended functions of all timers, always preset the watch to 1 extra period than the game for which it will be used (e.g. 3 periods for a typical 2-Halves match).
    • Technical info:
      • Regular watch function with 50 City World Time
      • 12/24 hours Format
      • Stopwatch function with lap timers
      • Battery Power Indicator
      • Water resistance 50M
      • Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)


    Need replacement parts or service? Call us at (855) 697-6223.

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    1. Amazing watch. Must have!

      Posted by TRAVIS M on 11th Aug 2018

      This watch is amazing. It is not cheap but worth every penny in my opinion. it is easy to see and easy to use. Very simple setup with excellent instructions. I thought at first the lack of an audible tone would be hard but the vibration is very easy to feel. Also I really like the feature where is vibrates every 10 seconds when you have added time. Good reminder.

    2. Instruction Sheet

      Posted by ROBERT FISHER on 24th Aug 2017

      Please make the print bigger so I can read it better, on the instruction sheet. I like how it vibrates - my old watch had beeps that I can't hear very well anymore ie. old dude. The band is nice and wide and very secure. Once I learned about the watch, it's very easy to operate. The light is good and bright, makes the numbers glow.

    3. battery replacement

      Posted by Jon on 4th Dec 2015

      The watch is excellent as most of the reviews state. However when it comes time to replace the batteries that is where and why I did not rate it 5 star. Am waiting to see if others have the same issues with removing the bands as I had as well as my jeweler, who just gave up. My battery lasted less than a year, but used it a lot for high school, college and club matches. Watch works great once you learn all the functions it provides and soccer superstore is great to deal with.

    4. great watch

      Posted by Stephen on 27th Apr 2015

      I mistakenly received the grey version rather than the orange. However, the features are so fantastic that I chose to keep it rather than go through the process of exchanging it for an orange one. The watch is fantastic. A must-buy for any State referee or higher grade.

    5. Good

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Dec 2014

      Very good, had a look around at different websites for the watch and found this was the cheapest one around.

    6. Great Buy

      Posted by Eric - Ohio on 3rd Sep 2014

      I have used this watch around 35 times since purchasing around a month ago. It is definitely a great addition and well worth the purchase.

    7. Great Primary Soccer Referee Watch

      Posted by Damian on 25th Jun 2014

      I purchased both the Spintso Referee Watch and Battery Replacement Kit. After shopping around, found the best price here for both the watch & kit. At this time, I am only using this watch for refereeing soccer. I've only had this watch for about 1 month and used it in about 15 games so far. It did take me a couple of games to get used to all the functions this watch offers. I find it to fit very well, stays in place at all times, it is not bulky, seeing the game time is very easy. When asked how much time is left, it is very easy to see and report. The wrist band is held in place at all times; it has a type of locking device. I keep it on the 2nd screen which is great for soccer games. It is very easy to adjust the game time or half time period up or down depending on age group. If you stop the time during the game, the watch will vibrate at preset intervals, which I find helpful; won't forget to restart the clock. During clock stoppage, the overall game time will continue to count up. The watch will vibrate at the end of the period, it is not annoying; in fact I prefer it over an audible alarm. I was assigned to a game and noticed the other official wearing the Spintso Watch. During our pre-game, he helped me understand a few additional functions. Overall, I am very pleased with the watch and would highly recommend it. I am a 2nd year grade 8 USSF Soccer Referee and a 3rd year Licensed IHSAA Soccer Referee. I hope this product review was helpful.

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