Fox 40 Referee Whistles

You can’t go wrong with a Fox 40 official referee whistle! Fox 40 is a brand that’s famous for delivering incredible quality, consistency, and volume. We’re thrilled to offer a wide variety of models, including Fox 40 Classic official referee whistles — a favorite among in-the-know sports officials. We even carry electronic whistles that provide a hygienic solution. No matter which whistle you choose, you can expect professional performance at a fantastic price.

  • Fox 40 Whistle & Watch Combo Kit
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    Fox 40 Whistle & Watch Combo Kit

    Kit Includes: Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG (120 dB) Digital Wrist Watch Fox 40 Sonik Blast® CMG® in white/black combo color Whistle is efficient and easy to blow Wrist watch has a water/shock resistant design with a large screen...
  • Fox 40 Referee Pouch + Whistle
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    Fox 40 Referee Pouch + Whistle

    Multi-compartment nylon pouch with zipper close Interior has two zippered storage areas; one mesh style, one solid material with pencil loops Outer layer is 100% nylon Inner layer is 100% polyster Includes hand strap with buckle Fox 40 Classic...