Yapalong 4000 Communication Radios

A quality soccer referee communication system is so important. After all, excellent communication leads to accurate calls! The Yapalong 4000 is a top-of-the-line referee radio communication system that’s used in many other applications besides sports officiating, including policing, firefighting, search and rescue, and construction, to name just a few industries. To put it simply, if you need clear, reliable communication, this set will get the job done right.

  • Yapalong Single-Muff Noise Cancelling Headset
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    Yapalong Single-Muff Noise Cancelling Headset

    The headset's noise reduction rate reaches safe 23 dB. Its microphone is directional in hyper-cardioid style so only gathers voice from the person who speaks without taking in environmental noise. Extremely comfortable and durable. For use with...
  • Yapalong Boom Mic In-Ear Tips (Pair)
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    Yapalong Boom Mic In-Ear Tips (Pair)

    Stays in ear extremely well! Very comfortable No loss of sound volume and quality In-Ear Tips Manufactured from a soft medical grade silicon Fits left or right ear (comes with one pair of in-ear tips for left and right ears) Fits Boom Mic II and...
  • Yapalong 4000 Armband
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    Yapalong 4000 Armband

    Professional Grade Armband Extremely Comfortable, Low Profile Design Fits virtually every arm Ideal for Ref-Comm, ErvoCom, SignalBip and RefsCall Systems as well as variety of others
  • Yapalong 4000 Vest
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    Yapalong 4000 Vest

    Vest for use exclusively with Ref-Comm Yapalong System Pockets on both sides, front and back Protects your unit againts damages during your games  Very sleek and comfortable
  • Yapalong 4000 Charger with 4 USB Cables
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    Yapalong 4000 Charger w/4 USB Cables

    1 Charger with 4 USB Cables For use with Ref-Comm Yapalong System Only Choose your region: A, C or I Type A (USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan) Type C (Europe, South America, Asia) Type I (Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina)
  • World Cup Mic Ear Set-Up
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    World Cup Mic Ear Set-Up

    Set of 3 (Small, Medium, Large) Silicone Ear Tips  Set of 2 (Right and Left) Ear Shells 1 Concha Retention Compatible with all World Cup-Style Headsets
  • Referee Shirt Clip
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    Referee Shirt Clip

    Shirt Clip for use with all referee communication systems Imported from Sweden