Yapalong 4000 to 5000 Trade in Program

Trade in your old Yapalong 4000 radios for new, FIFA Recommended Yapalong 5000. You must purchase exactly the same amount of Yapalong 5000 radios as the amount of radios you are returning/trading-in. For every old Yapalong 4000 radio returned you get $120 discount toward purchase of Yapalong 5000 unit at $380 each, instead of full price of $500 each.
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Yapalong Trade-In Program Details:


Select number of Radios you are trading in and complete the purchase for the same amount of discounted Yapalong 5000 units here on this page.


Print out your Order Confirmation Email from the new order and mail it together with your old Yapalong 4000 radios (do not ship any other accessories) to:

Referee Store

451 Fairview Avenue

Ridgewood, NY 11385


Upon the receipt of your old radios we will inspect them to ensure they are functional (no worry, wear and tear is understandable and expected) and we will mail your new Yapalong 5000 radios out, along with a new Yapalong 5000 4-Slot Charger and Yapalong 5000 Armbands.



If you have a 4-User Yapalong 4000 Set that you would want to trade-in for an upgraded Yapalong 5000 you would:

1. Purchase 4 Yapalong 5000 Trade-In Units above at cost of $380 each for total of $1520.

2. Mail 4 Yapalong 4000 Radios back to us.

3. Receive 4 NEW Yapalong 5000 Radios ($2000 value), 1 Yapalong 5000 4-Slot Charger ($55 Value), 4 Yapalong 5000 Armbands ($80 value).

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