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  • Ref-Comm Boom Mic II
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  • Ref-Comm with Optional World Cup Headset
  • Optional Carry case
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Ref-Comm Yapalong (4-User) Complete Set

Open Communication Referee System (No Push-To-Talk required). Superior Sound Quality. Lightweight and Compact Design. Encrypted Transmission. 8+ Hours of battery Life (1700mA). Up to 300-meter line-of-sight range. Expandable up to 8 users. 1 Year Warranty.


    • Full Duplex Referee Communication System (No Push-To-Talk required)
    • Superior & Safe Sound Quality (whistle volume is automatically reduced to safe levels and can be adjusted by the user)
    • Lightweight and Compact Design (Receiver is only 4" x 2.5" and weighs only 4.2 oz)
    • Encrypted Transmission
    • 8+ Hours of battery Life (1700mA)
    • Up to 300-meter line-of-sight range
    • Expandable up to 8 users
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Manufactured by Yapalong of Canada


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    1. Good comm system

      Posted by USSF, NISOA, NFHS official on 25th Jan 2018

      The comm system is very clear and works well. The armbands are excellent and there is no static or interference on the field. I use the World Cup headsets with the system. The whistle filtering is great, but they don't do well in very windy conditions. All in all, excellent communication system.

    2. Great reception

      Posted by Lady Official USSF, NFHS, NISOA on 8th Aug 2017

      I tried these out during tournaments fall 2016 and knew I had to have a set. I bought my 4 user set early 2017 and finally tried them out during the spring season with some USSF games. They work great. Speech is clear. Blowing whistles and yelling "Play On or Advantage", is not going to blast anyone's ears out. I am now getting ready to start my fall high school and college games and am looking forward to putting them to use for the higher level games. The added communication escalates the officials presence on the field and makes the game called better. Being able to quickly communicate problem areas is crucial. Not to mention just giving a heads up for substitutions before it's time is handy. I like the small carrying case, but putting everything back into the foam cut outs can be a bit time consuming. You can take the inserts out. Battery life seems good. I actually did 2 games in a row with the same charge and had no issues. I have a love hate relationship with the headsets. One game they stay on okay, and the next every time I sprint they fall out. I will be upgrading to the World Cup Headset for myself. The others I work with will have to work out any issues they have with the headsets it comes with. They can always buy their own world cup headset. In conclusion, if you are sitting on the fence with the Yapalong set, I would encourage you to try them out. Another added bonus is you can change channels in case you find yourself close to another field that may be using a set. Referee Store was great to deal with and answered all my question before I made this purchase. Have fun out there! :)

    3. Great addition to my equipment

      Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2017

      I purchased these in November and waited all winter to use them. I have used a set like them before with bad outcome, had a bad reception from one end of the field to the other between ARs. The ones I purchased work without any problems. Not only did they work from goal line to goal line, they work two fields away with no problems. I would have to say if you are looking into purchasing a set of radios you don't need to look any further then these. Price is good and the user friendly is out standing.

    4. Vary convenient and reliable

      Posted by Jaafar Rasul on 2nd Mar 2017

      It works great and it's worth every penny I payed and will definitely recommend my fellow referees to get it

    5. Great value for the money

      Posted by Mark Quinton on 4th Nov 2015

      The open mic capabilitlies of these radios is what makes these worth the money. Previous to purchasing these I had worked with a number of crew that used the cheap midlands. With midlands though you are somewhat forced to used PTT. With ptt you have to push a button wait a second or two and then speak and hope no one else is trying to do the same thing at the same time. With the REFCOMM radios are completely hands-free and have a built volume leveler so the whistle really doesn't bother your assistants unlike with VOX on cheaper radios. With Boom Mic 2 you can adjust the earpiece to fit closely to your ear, so you don't have bother with tape to keep it on your head.

    6. Great tool!

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2015

      I purchased the 4-user set with the optional PPT 4th official headset and the optional carry case. Product arrived quickly and as advertised. The radios work great and set up is easy...haven't had a single problem with interference, signal strength, or anything of that sort. The boom mic headsets (hoop hanger type) work well but are a bit bulky...requires medical tape to keep in place for most, which isn't a problem for me but a headset with a behind-the-ear type clip might be better/more stable. Sound quality is very good and volume is adjustable. The PTT headset also works well but sound quality is not quite as good as the other headsets. The case has cut out foam for all radios, headsets, and charging plugs, but the armbands and cases (which are well made) will need to be carried in a separate case/bag. Overall I am very satisfied with the set and it has been an excellent communication tool during matches. The only reason I didn't give it 5 starts is because I don't have experience with other sets. Finally, customer service has been excellent!

      --- Soccer Superstore USA Reply:---

      We have since acted on your advice and replaced the headsets with NEW, very stable Boom Mics. that stay in ear with no tape necessary.

    7. W O W

      Posted by Eduardo, Grade 8, Ohio North on 29th Apr 2015

      I bought the 3 user at first and upgraded to 4 just now. The comm is performing very well in all conditions. I had just upgraded the headset to the World Cup version and I'm extremely satisfied. I only had the money for 1 so thats what Im gonna be using. Not a huge deal as the default ones that come with the set are really sitting well in your ear, but it is better. So my ARS use the boom mics while I use the world cup headset. haven't tried the 4th Official PTT headset yet, planning on buying one soon.

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