NCAA Soccer Referee Jersey (Short or Long Sleeve)

This NCAA College Referee Jersey was officially approved by the NCAA, meets the design standard set by the NCAA, and is made from lightweight wicking fabric with advanced moisture wicking properties. It also includes two Hidden Pockets with Velcro Closures & Pull-Open Tabs. Designed by referees, for referees.
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Approved by the NCAA, United Attire's NCAA Soccer Referee Jerseys meet strict design specifications and guidelines set by the NCAA. United Attire uniforms are also known for the quality of their materials and construction so you can rest assured that, when you put this jersey on, you will feel comfortable and look professional. 

This NCAA approved Soccer Referee Shirt features:

  • Athletic design, incorporating soft, lightweight, breathable, and flexible fabric for comfort on the run
  • Crew neck collar, black side and shoulder panels, and two chest pockets with pull tabs and Velcro closures
  • Round Velcro badge holder on the left chest pocket
  • Available in three NCAA-approved colors, including Yellow, Orange and Purple
  • Available in five sizes, short sleeve, and long sleeve 

Frequently Asked Questions about NCAA Soccer Referee Shirts:

Why do I need to buy new NCAA-established Soccer Referee Jerseys?

According to the statement issued by the NCAA, the NCAA decided to develop a new design for soccer referee uniforms to have one standardized look for soccer referees officiating NCAA games. By mandating the new design, the NCAA’s goal was to “distinguish and create a consistent brand for NCAA soccer officials.” The NCAA also stated that the new design is intended to “provide a long-term solution that will not change in the near future.”

What jersey colors did the NCAA approve for soccer referees?

The NCAA approved three new colors for soccer referees: Yellow, Orange, and Purple. They can be purchased either with short or long sleeves. All black shorts and socks, and predominantly black shoes, complete the uniform. No variation in the color or style is permitted.     

Was the Referee Store approved to sell and manufacture the NCAA-approved soccer referee jerseys?

Yes. The Referee Store and the United Attire uniforms underwent a review and approval process and were officially approved for production and distribution by the NCAA. The uniforms meet the design and manufacturing requirements set by the NCAA.

Can I buy the NCAA Soccer Referee Jerseys at the Referee Store?

Yes. The newly established NCAA Soccer Referee Jerseys can be purchased in our online store. The Referee Store was founded by referees and has been serving the officiating community for nearly 15 years. As former sports officials, we understand the needs of referees. The products we offer, including the newly approved NCAA College Referee Shirts, are of the highest quality and are backed by our great customer service.    

Can my conference partner with the Referee Store to purchase/produce the NCAA-established for its members?

Yes. The NCAA approved the Referee Store to serve as a partner for conferences to purchase/produce the NCAA-established soccer referee uniforms. We also offer discounts on bulk orders for conferences.

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