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RefsCall Beeper Flags

Full boxed set of two (2) Electronic Beeper Flags, Referee Receiver, Case, Strap and Instructions.


    Electronic flags ensure that all referees are always on the same page. These RefsCall flags deliver a beeping sound, vibration, or both with the push of a button. Before this technology was available, it was possible for referees to miss an assistant referee’s flag signal. Now, you can be sure that every signal between referees and assistant referees is immediately seen and acknowledged.

    What You Get

    This handy kit includes two all-weather beeper flags that you can depend on rain or shine. The bundle also includes a referee receiver with an armband, a detailed instruction manual, and a carrying case for convenient transport. RefsCall electronic flags are well-known for their exceptional quality, so order this professional set with absolute confidence.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    These flags come loaded with the latest in beeper flag technology. Each flag is powered by a single 9V battery that delivers 5,000 activations, on average. The flags have a battery indicator light so you know when it’s time to replace the battery.

    They use microprocessor technology for unwavering reliability, and they offer 65,000 channels so you never have to worry about interference. You can set up these electronic flags to vibrate, beep, or vibrate and beep, ensuring that every transmission is delivered and received loud and clear.

    Free Returns and Exchanges

    We’re confident that you’re going to be fully satisfied and impressed with your new beeper flags. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase for any reason, just send it back within 30 days and we’ll provide a full refund or exchange. We always go the extra mile for our customers, and that’s why we offer this risk-free shopping experience.

    Expert Customer Service

    Our friendly product specialists are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Call (855) 697-6223 or contact us for assistance with your order. Get the best deal on these authentic RefsCall flags, and see what a difference using electronic flags can make at your next soccer game.

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    1. RefsCall Beeper Flags

      Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2016

      Found the flags work well. Would say that in Australia our 9V battery is larger than the compartment provided by the received meaning that the 'clip' cannot close so it is held closed with a rubber band.
      The arm band means that the received is not firmly on your arm so you loose some effect (reception) or should I try to strap it the other way?
      Otherwise for the price good value.
      Referee Store Reply:

      Please note that the battery insertion is a bit tricky and at first it might seem as if the battery does not fit, but it actually fits very well without much room to spare, ensuring optimal performance of the flags.

    2. I modified the flags

      Posted by Steve on 11th Apr 2016

      I've used these flags in likely over 100 games of use and will continue to do so.

      (1) I put tennis grip tape around the flag handles.

      Receiver Drain: The receiver uses 0.5mA when powered off, 11mA when powered on, 54mA with the beeper buzzing, 80mA w/ the vibrator vibrating, and 135mA w/ both activated.

      (2) The 9V alkaline battery in the receiver drains too fast. When the battery voltage drops below 8V, the receiver doesn't operate properly. I purchased a cheap 8 AA battery battery holder and soldered the terminals into the PCB, replacing the 9V battery connector. Seven AA nimh rechargeables last much longer, but are considerably heavier. I now keep both the battery compartment and receiver in a dual pocket sports armband. PITA

      The PWA in the receiver needs to be redesigned/updated with more modern, energy efficient electronics. The components used look like this was designed in the early 90's. If a cell phone can last for days before needing a recharge and performs far more functionality than activating a vibrator or a beeper, why not a simple flag receiver? A spintso vibrating watch lasts how long and requires battery replacement how often?

    3. For the price, a good value

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2016

      I am sure that compared to the $700 flags available, these are not worthy of comparison, but they seem to be just fine for the most part.

      Setting them up to work together was fairly easy, hold the two buttons on the receiver til it beeps, press the buttons on the flags, one red and one green, and they sync up. Then they seem to just continue to work when you power them on again.

      There are a couple of issues. The pouch it comes with is a joke. Not really suited for the wear and tear that referees normally give their equipment. And the 9V battery cannot be installed in the cavity that they provide for that on the receiver. I cannot close that door when the battery is inside. It is not the end of the world but it certainly does not work as designed.

      Also, you cannot really use the arm band that comes with it, you need to purchase an additional armband that is more adequate for holding it on your arm. I would think that most people would have it on vibrate as using it with sound is quite distracting to everyone. And the sound/vibrate pattern does not seem to matter should it be AR1 or AR2 pressing the button, so not really giving you an indication of which way to look, but at least it has you looking...

      RefereeStore.com Answer:

      Please know that the battery compartment does close, but it does require a little maneuvering.

      Lastly, yes, we do recommend the optional upgrade to the PRO Armband Kit that we offer. The default armband, as you mentioned, is not the best.

      Thank you

    4. Poor mans' beeper flags

      Posted by Mark Quinton on 4th Nov 2015

      They aren't as fancy as the more expensive options. To make them useful I recommend getting the pro-armband from this site. The next step would be to wrap tennis grip around the flag handles so your ar's can actually grip them. One of the pros of these flags to ervocoms is that these flags are much lighter, which most assistants I know like. However that is it's only advantage to ervocoms with the exception of being $400 cheaper. Unlike ervos these have the same sound for both flags and you can only pair 2 flags with this receiver, which is adequate for most youth and adult amateur games. As with all electronic flags on the market the receiver has 3 modes vibrate, beep, or vibrate and beep. Personally I prefer the vibrate only function because my AR's signal is for me only and not the players around me. Many players will quickly adjust their game once they figure out what the beeping noise is for.

    5. great set of flags

      Posted by warren on 6th Oct 2014

      this is a great set of flags for the recreational or competitive leagues. the only problem i have had was a morning i got stray signals setting off the receiver. i only had that for a short time during one game. wish the batteries fit a little better in the receiver.
      the handles do need a little grip tape for less slip in our humid conditions. overall i love them, you never miss a call and they allow me to follow the play without delay of an ARs call. like other reviews, i changed the receiver strap for an i pod strap by philips. it is wider and the receiver doesn't slip, bought mine (strap) at goodwill for.79.

    6. Good flags

      Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2014

      I would like to see a lower price in the future.The flags do not hold up against the more expensive professional flags but a nice thing to have for the more serious recreational or club soccer referee. The flags work as expected and the weight is just right. The green LED is not so visible on sunny days. The button is soft and works find in sunny and rainy days. The handles are shaped so they are easily to grip for smaller hands.The plastic handle can be slick in the rain and the use of some grip tape is recommended. The battery life on the flags are good. The receiver on the referee arm has 3 modes: beep, vibrate(buzz), beep and vibrate. It needs to be paired with the receiver in an easy setup process. There is no distinction between reception of flag 1 or flag 2. The battery life of the receiver is not so great. I changed the battery every 10 games. Random signals indicate that the battery is running low. Hopefully the manufacturer will develop a better receiver with more battery life. (remember the old pagers we used with the 1.5V battery?). The strap and plastic pouch that is included keep sliding down my arm when jogging/running. I use the Philips Action Fit Sport Sleeve for MP3 players..
      SoccerSuperstore was really great in shipping the flags quickly I needed the flags the next weekend.

    7. Great Flags But Arm Band Poor

      Posted by Scott on 7th May 2014

      These flags work really well and are easy to program. The vibration mode could be stronger but the beep mode is terrific. The only issue is that the arm band holder for the receiver is very cheap and made out of crappy plastic. I solved this by buy an iPod arm band from Amazon.

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