Elite Reusable Write-On Cards

Proprietary weatherproof finish lets you track all game details, no matter what weather you referee in.
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  • UPDATED in late 2023: The new cards have been optimized for sharpie/permanent marker use (as many people have seen with FIFA internationals). These markings are extremely resilient until any solvent is applied (even bug spray, sunscreen, etc.) for easy wipe off. Pencil may be used as a secondary option.
  • Set of 2 reusable cards (Red and Yellow) that won't run when written on in rain, snow or hot, humid conditions.
  • Cards clean easily for immediate re-use if needed (use any solvent, including bug spray or sunscreen).
  • Cards size: 3.5 inch x 4.75 in.
  • Clean, simple yet complete design to keep the match recording hassle-free.
  • Tracks all essential match info.
  • Yellow Card Front: Team Names, Team Colors, Kick-Off, Misconducts.
  • Yellow Card Back: Goals, Subs, Cautionable Offenses Codes.
  • Red Card Front: Team Names, Team Colors, Misconducts.
  • Red Card Back: KFTM Grid (Kicks From The Mark), Sending-Off Offenses Codes.

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  • 5
    Works great in rainy weather

    Posted by JOHN HICKS on 2nd Sep 2021

    Excellent product, use any pencil. I got caught in a downpour and they still worked perfectly

  • 5
    Perfect, just perfect!

    Posted by Curtis on 2nd May 2021

    These are a must-have for those sick of fidgeting awkwardly with a paper notebook or loose pieces of paper. Strong enough to write on when holding only the card. Pencils leave dark and easy to read markings that erase easily, somehow without rubbing off while in your pocket. Tried it out with sharpie, and that ALSO comes off easily and without a trace with just a bit of sun screen. The yellow is more of a medium to dark yellow, and red is regular red, not the neon. I use these for game notes alongside regular neon red and yellow cards, although these could be used as your notes and regular “showing” cards as well.

  • 5
    Referee Cards

    Posted by Mike Palermo on 14th Apr 2021

    Outstanding product covers every facet of the game .. used them in the rain this weekend and they work flawlessly no smudge and pencils write in the rain ... Highly recommend these for any referees

  • 5
    Write on cards

    Posted by Andrew on 26th Nov 2020

    Work well...easy erase.

  • 5
    Really Useful

    Posted by Braeden H. on 24th Oct 2019

    I've seen other referees use these and wanted to try a set for myself. I've borrowed other's OSI write on cards and these are just far superior. There is a place for any information you would need to record and even codes for different misconduct, Subs, goals, etc. best part? You can write on these with a fine point sharpie, which does not run, and then spray it with a small amount of spray-on sunscreen between games and the writing comes right off and you're back in business for a fresh new game. Seriously great and i'm in love with them. No more sloppy books or notepads to flip open and write info in. You're much lighter on the field with these.

  • 3
    Expected More

    Posted by Kevin on 8th Jun 2019

    For the price, and the description, I guess I expected to be able to erase with an eraser whatever I wrote on the cards, with pencil, pen, or marker. The description should be written more clearly. Well the eraser only works on pencil, and what product isn't reusable with pencil and an eraser? You'll need alcohol and some good scrubbing for any pen or marker. I did not want to have to carry around single use alcohol swabs and I really wanted to use pen or marker for visibility.
    Pens are not super easy to write with because of the slick surface. Markers are easy to write with but then you do need a good alcohol cleaning, as you do with a pen.
    I do like the way the match information is organized but I don't think these are worth the premium over other available write-on cards. Maybe these will last a really long time as I know that durability is an issue with cleaning some other write-on cards on the market.

  • 4
    Great cards...just be careful what you clean them with!

    Posted by Ben Welch on 1st Mar 2019

    The cards are nice and it’s very convenient to have the misconduct codes and KFTM integrated into the design. I used these for one match and kept match info with a Sharpie permanent marker. I used finger nail polish remover to clean the card and it took the finish right off! Nail polish remover SHOULD NOT BE USED as one of the “other options” to clean as it is with other write-on cards! Now the Yellow card is essentially ruined. This is only reason I’m not giving the cards 5 stars is because of that. It seems that using a soft pencil eraser works best for cleaning. If the product description is updated, hopefully it will save someone from ruining a card in the future!

  • 5
    Pricey but definitely worth it!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2019

    Good size, good feel, and looks professional. Works best with pencil.

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