Soccer Referee Cards & Wallets

As a referee, assistant referee, or fourth official, you need more than the ability to discipline players — you also need to record them and other important game moments such as scores, substitutions, and more. That’s where the Referee Store comes in. We offer a number of referee wallet and soccer score sheet options that will help you keep track of the game score and other critical details that matter from start to finish.

  • "RefCil" Referee Pencil (Pack of 5)
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    "RefCil" Referee Pencil (Pack of 5)

    Conveniently attaches to your referee wallet, cards or jersey Unique Ultra-Flat Design Size: 4.3 inch (fits virtually any referee wallet and cards) RefCil & Rite In The Rain Score Sheets Video:
  • Mini Referee Pencil with Misconduct Codes - Green, White, Red, and Yellow
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    Mini Referee Pencil with Misconduct Codes

    Size: 3.5 inch "Referee" imprint in line 1 Cautionable Offenses codes imprinted in line 2 Sending Off Offenses codes imprinted in line 3 Lead: Medium #2 Lead Color: Black Choose from 4 colors: Green, White, Red, Yellow